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Review: Go Set a Watchman

WARNING: This will not be my usual spoiler free review. Due to the themes and context of the book, I feel like it is not possible to properly represent this book in a review without giving some major plot points away.

When word got out a few years ago that Harper Lee was going to release another book involving the characters of “To Kill a Mockingbird” I was excited. I read the original so many times due to school, and just for fun, that it was one of the books that was a part of the foundation for my love of reading.  People screamed “SEQUEL!” online, and then it came out. I bought it, and I waited for the hype  to be over. Then the disappointed sighs could start to be heard and it put me off of the book for so long, I just finally picked it up even though I have had it from the day of release. We find ourselves headed back into Maycomb Alabama, where Jean Louise “Scout” Finch is on the way home from New York for a 2 week vacation. Maycomb has changed a lot since her last visit, and some things that haven’t changed, but they are finally being recognized for what they are.


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Turntable Nerd: Final Fantasy VI


I decided to pop in a time travel coin to rewind the clock back to the year of 1994 on the SNES. It was during this time that one of the best games from 16-bit era, Final Fantasy III (VI over in Japan and now here for the Gameboy Advanced), was released onto home consoles. Everyone remembers the game for it’s memorable evil villain Kefka and the story within the game itself. What helps bolster the story, is the beautiful soundtrack that lies within this game. Now, there are a lot of tracks that can go into this article from this game. However, I’ve got 7 tracks from the game that highlight just a pinch of what Final Fantasy VI has to offer as far as beautiful music quality goes. Come inside and take a look!

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Review: King’s Cage

It has been some time since we last entered the world of Mare Barrow and the multiple wars going on in Norta. Last we saw, Mare traded herself to Maven for the release of Cal, Kilorn, Farley, and others that were all caught in a trap of his. He gladly accepted, taking Mare with him back to the castle, claiming to be a man of honor who would not go back on the deal. Now Mare is facing imprisonment at Whitefire Castle, where she called home when she was known as Mareena Titanos, and whatever plans Maven has for her. Will she be forced to help fight the people she traded herself to protect?


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#E32017 Conference Thoughts

As E3 came to a close yesterday for those that are not able to physically be there, Nintendo wrapped up the showcases. There were major game announcements, New IPs were revealed, and plenty of DLC or new features talked about. What were the show highlights though for us? What were the disappointments that left us speechless? Read on to find out!


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I Am My Own Prisoner

“If you’re going thru hell, keep walking.” It’s a simple phrase on the surface, but in all honesty, it’s one of the phrases that I’ve taken to heart in the most recent year due to a whirlwind that life has thrown my way. However,  being able to reflect on that year thru therapy and time has given me a wider perspective to that phrase.

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