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Review: Autopsy

Returning to the fountain of all things that are Button Poetry, I have stumbled on yet another poet that I just had to read more from. Even if you do find interest in the people I choose to read, I highly recommend visiting the Button Poetry website to look at the various artists that they offer.

Donte Collins is a poet that has risen to their position currently over the last 4 years. Starting with coaching their high school poetry slam team and leading the team to winning the SayWord Championship, to most recently being honored with the 2016 Most Promising Poet Award. Autopsy is their first published book, and covers the subjects of grief/loos. It was written after the death of their mother.

NOTE: Donte Collins is a single person, but on their websites they make it obvious that they identify with the pronouns They/Them/Their, so I will be addressing them as such. Should you choose to add your thought below, I ask that you extend them the same courtesy.


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Review: Einstein’s Dreams

Based on a real person, on a real thing he did, but from a fictional viewpoint. Einstein’s Dreams takes us into the mind of Albert Einstein as he is working on writing his Theory of Relativity. By day, he works in a patent office in Switzerland but at night as he sleeps, he envisions a series of infinite worlds where time has been altered, molded, and warped.


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Review: The Big Book of Bisexual Trials and Errors

While at Geek Girl Con, I got to meet a few publishers, plenty of authors, and have a generally amazing time in the land of bookdom. One publisher I met is a local one named Northwest Press. After a charming chat with the gentleman at the booth, he asked if I would like to be added to their ARC list, and I gladly accepted.

“The Big Book of Bisexual Trials and Errors” follow the life of artist and writer Elizabeth Beier, as she breaks up with a long term boyfriend and finds herself wanting to dive into a new romantic world of dating women. A story about not  only finding love, but about finding yourself along the way.


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Review: Second Chances

We are creeping closer to the holidays, so I felt like it was time to curl up with my first holiday themed book of the season. Luckily, author T.M. Franklin had an advanced reader copy for me of her holiday romance and I was overdue for a some type of romance story!

Carter Reed was madly in love with Mackenzie Monroe. He had been for longer than he cared to admit. Ten years ago he made the decision to walk away from her for a chance at his dream career. He had regretted it ever since. When his big time broadcasting job invites him to a special party, and Mackenzie is the guest of honor, he starts asking a lot of “what ifs” and can’t bring himself to confront her. But when he helps a kind stranger, he is in for a journey most people want but never get; a second chance at love.


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GeekGirlCon: Fandom Stats Panel Part 2

Welcome Back to the Fandom Stats Panel recap! Sorry that it took a bit to get this one out. Due to some family matters, and horrible sickness on my part, I haven’t been able to concentrate on getting writing done like I normally would. But I am back!

This time we are going to look into presenter Finn Again’s portion of the panel, and see what they had to offer. They are a huge fan of the BBC Sherlock, so a lot of the graphs I have used from their presentation are from that specific area of fan fiction. So let’s dive in!


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Review: This Mortal Coil

It’s been awhile since I indulged into my favorite sub-genre of books. Oh the glorious embrace of a good post-apocalyptic world and story. Then while browsing the choices for Advanced Reader Copies at the bookstore I work at, this one just jumped out at me. The cover had this explosion of color, and the back had words warning you that if you were reading this, then the writer was dead. I took it home, and dove into it.

Catarina has been alone for almost 2 years. When a virus broke out that sent most people underground, she stayed above trying to survive all because of her father. When the outbreak originally happened, a science lab came to their home and took him away. He rushed her to a safe room and told her no matter what happened, no matter what they offered, never trust or go with anyone from Cartaxus.


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Review: Dexter’s Final Cut

It seems that we are approaching the end of Dexter’s reign over Miami. Not because he has messed up and been caught again, but because he is starting to see where his loyalties lie. This time, Dexter is pulled unwillingly into being a consultant on a upcoming TV show that is a crime drama. The man that is assigned to him though, is a bit odd and seems to have an overly enthusiastic approach to knowing about Dexter’s life. When the lead actress Jackie Forrest seems to be in danger but the lead Detective is not paying attention, Dexter volunteers to play bodyguard for a few days.  Can he really keep an A-list star safe from a man that seems to be killing look-a-likes of her without anyone witnessing anything? More importantly, can he keep his Dark Passenger in check, and hidden for the time he needs to spend with Jackie?


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