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Review: The Incredible Magic of Being

I love getting into a book with a child/teen that is more scientifically minded. Personally, I grew up trying to break things down I didn’t understand, so I relate to those characters more.

Enter Julian, a kid who is more scientifically minded, who according to most lives a sheltered life, but is forever optimistic and see infinite possibilities around him. As his family is moving from DC to rural town in Maine, but the usually tight knit family seems to be falling apart, but Julian has a plan. He is excited at the prospect of finally using his telescope to discover a new star or comet; then he can show it to his family and show them how unique the universe is, which will hopefully reunite them.

How Julian acts and processes information is unique. I love how in-depth the author goes into how he processes the world around him.  His character as a whole is fun to read about and watch the world through his eyes. His relationships with the people around him is great to watch as well. His ability to sense how his sister is feeling, and really help her feel better thanks to that sense is great. It shows a unique bond between siblings that some books never touch on.

I love the modern day setting that is focused more on the relationships of the characters than the setting. I’ve read enough environment-rich books lately that this was a bit of a breath of fresh air. The story is where the real gem is in this one though. It’s rich, and has some great lessons for younger readers, and great reminders for the older crowd.

The authors approach to this story is great. Taking it from a middle grade mind perspective, who is very science focused is great. I can see how kids and teens could easily connect with the main character with how she has done it. The narrator of this book is also perfect. I love his tone, and “matter-of-fact” attitude that comes through as he speaks as Julian. Whoever chose him as the narrator deserves a pat on the back for a job well done.

I listened to this one on Libro.FM and it was worth every moment. I highly recommend this for anyone that enjoys a good feel-good story for middle grade and up.

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