About the Blog

“Blogs with book reviews? Are you crazy?” Maybe a little originally. I started in 2014 with just writing reviews and trying to spend the year reading as many books as I could. In 2015, I expanded from just reviews, to opinion type writing as well to talk about some of my favorite and least favorite things about various books. I am slowly expanding out into more things as time goes on because I have a lot to say on various things out there in the world. So why not share them here!

In 2017, a second writer joined the team and has made it possible to expand outside the realm of just books/writing. We now are covering gaming news, reviews and articles as we see fit.

Any reviews that we do, we make sure to use/play/read the item thoroughly before posting anything here. Obviously, all of the opinions are our own. We may dislike something, while you enjoy it. That’s okay. It’s also okay to drop a comment and tell us why you agree or disagree. We fully encourage that actually! We will answer you back as soon as we have a chance.

Thank you for dropping by to check out our blog. Feel free to comment, discuss, and absolutely enjoy.

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