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Banned!: A Wrinkle In Time

Welcome back to Banned Books Week at What A Nerd! Time to celebrate the freedom to read by looking at books that have been censored over the years throughout the United States, and, in some cases, the world. To kick things off we are looking at one of the most banned children’s books throughout it’s history.  Let’s take a look at A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle.

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Review: The Incredible Magic of Being

I love getting into a book with a child/teen that is more scientifically minded. Personally, I grew up trying to break things down I didn’t understand, so I relate to those characters more.

Enter Julian, a kid who is more scientifically minded, who according to most lives a sheltered life, but is forever optimistic and see infinite possibilities around him. As his family is moving from DC to rural town in Maine, but the usually tight knit family seems to be falling apart, but Julian has a plan. He is excited at the prospect of finally using his telescope to discover a new star or comet; then he can show it to his family and show them how unique the universe is, which will hopefully reunite them.

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Review: The Witches

When I was a child I had this horrific fear of the movie “The Witches.” Seeing Anjelica Huston, for quite awhile after seeing it, gave me nightmares. Something about her taking her face off and becoming something completely different freaked me out. Sometime in middle school, I found out Roald Dahl was to blame for that movie and maybe reading the book would fix it. I never read it though because it still freaked me out. So now, some 20-ish years after seeing the movie I finally found a copy and read through it.

Luke’s Grandmother knows a lot. She has always made certain that he knows how to spot witches. Because witches are everywhere, and they absolutely hate children.

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Review: Society of Wishes

A friend who loves this author has told me a million times over that I need to read her books. I need to read this series by her, or that series. When I was presented with the opportunity to do a review for this author, I decided why not since I had heard so much praise for her already.

Society of Wishes introduces you to Jo, a hacker-for-hire living in a remnant of the US called “The Lonestar Republic.” When a hack goes bad though, she uses her dying breath to make a wish using an old magic technique her grandmother had taught her. Which opens a world of infinite possibilities.

DISCLAIMER: I was provided this book in exchange for an honest review. I was in no way paid for this review in any manner, and the opinions are mine.

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Review: The Prince and the Dressmaker

This was a book that my local graphic novel club chose to do. I still consider myself fairly new to graphic novels, so I know this is one I wouldn’t have picked up on my own considering until this club I had never heard of it or it’s author.

Prince Sebastian has a family that is ready to see him married, and it doesn’t seem he has much of a choice in the matter. But when the sun sets, he transforms into the beautiful and enchanting Lady Crystallia – with the help of his best friend Frances. Frances is a diamond in the rough when it comes to designing, and Sebastian has her all to himself. When fame comes knocking for both of them though, can either of them give up the other to be successful?

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Review and Giveaway: Amasai

Hello middle grade and YA fans! I got the chance to get my hands on an early copy of Stevie Rae Causey’s third book, and the second in the ‘Amasai Rising’ series.

Amasai brings the return of Azlana and Luke, both who are involved in the alliance in  different ways. Luka was left behind in their hometown to face the annoying city kids on his own. Azlana is apparently burdened with a greater purpose no one will explain to her, and she has set off on her own because her mind is betraying her… or is it?
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