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Review: March Book 3

Ah, we have reached the final novel. John Lewis is facing more opposition than expected as he and his fellow protesters continue to call for full desegregation of the South. Reaching the climax of what became the Selma March during the Civil Right movement, and the end of the day that President Obama was Inaugurated into his first term as President in the present day.

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Review: March – Book 1

History as always been a strong suit for me. So when I heard that there was a graphic novel covering one mans journey through the Civil Rights Movement, I had to add it to my collection. I didn’t realize what I was getting into though.

John Lewis was one of the key figures of the Civil Rights Movement. He helped unite the forward thinking people of the South and bring them to the point that desegregation was possible. In this first book, we get to see a young John Lewis starting up his own movement in his home town, and his first interactions with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  Continue reading “Review: March – Book 1”

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Review: Nevermoor The Trials of Morrigan Crow

I got lucky in the age I grew up in, getting to experience the joy of Harry Potter as it released. I always hoped there would be future series like that, but never felt like I’d found something like that. Then I was told to give this book a chance.

Morrigan Crow is the daughter of a high ranking politician, and on the cursed child list. Her everyday interactions are seen as the causes for various mishaps and disasters in other people’s lives. On her 11th birthday, she is expected to die at midnight. Lucky for her, the most strange and wonderous man intervenes, and takes her to a world where things beyond her imagination are possible. Including her having a future.

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Review: A Court of Wings and Ruin

Now a return to the world Feyre inhabits, and the final book in the series so far. Before reading this, all I could focus on was the fact that this would bring me up to date with the books, and then I have to wait with everyone else for the 4th book. The anticipation is already building.

In order to protect her family, and now her court, Feyre has returned to the Spring Court under the guise that her bond with Rhys had been all fake. Too bad it seems that Tamlin has fallen into her trap instead of her into his. The war is approaching quickly, and Feyre has to find a way to be able to help her armies defeat Hybern. How can you manage that when surrounded by enemies, being watched constantly, and under the pressure of a time limit?

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Review: I am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter

Sometimes the combination of a book title and the cover just sucks you in and you can’t help but feel like you need to read it. That is what happened with this book while I was looking around my work one day. (oh the bonuses of working in a bookstore!)

Julia has always lived in the shadow of her sister Olga. Olga stays home and cares for her family. She helps with dinner. She has no plans on moving out even though she’s graduated. When Olga tragically dies though, Julia is left to pick up the pieces and she is nothing like what her family wants her to be. She is anything but the perfect Mexican daughter that Olga was.

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Review: 13 Minutes

When a teen is found unconscious and barely alive at the edge of an icy river, the people in her life are all concerned about how she managed to be in the river that early in the morning. More confusing is how her two best friends are acting around her, the fact she doesn’t remember the day of the accident, and how a friend from the past seems to be helping her remember. Welcome to Sarah Pinborough’s 13 minutes.

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Review: The Dirty Book Club

I am really enjoying the ability to listen to books more now. So, expect a lot more of these coming your way.

When MJ Stark’s dream job takes an unexpected turn, and the offer to move west with her amazing boyfriend comes up, she decides a move wouldn’t be too bad. Once that is done though, a feeling of loneliness still lingers in her life. When she finds a black envelope slipped under the door of her new California home one morning, inviting her to join an exclusive book club, that only reads books classified as erotic. Welcome to The Dirty Book Club.

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Review: The A to Z of You and Me

I am not in the habit of reading books where I know before opening it that the main character dies. I don’t want to get attached, which I so often do, to a character only to end up in tears by the end. Then I saw this sitting on a shelf, and the cover drew me in, then I noticed it was signed which meant game over, I was buying it.

Ivo is in hospice, and he is indeed dying. His only company is a few of the nurses in the hospice home. Once of them loves to get patients to play the A to Z game. You think of a body part, starting with A, and a story that is connected with it. Then you work your way through the rest of the alphabet until you reach Z. Ivo does it to pass time, and to try to remember, or is he trying to forget?

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Review: A Court of Mist and Fury

And now, back to my current obsession. Feyre has been Made by the Seven High Lords after her death, and escaped from Under The Mountain. The Spring Court welcomes her back with open arms, but something isn’t quite right. Feyre can’t take the feeling of being trapped, and now that he almost lost her once, Tamlin was not prepared to take any chances of losing her again. Can they find a balance with Feyre’s new power and the risks of people coming after her? Or will Tamlin’s protective nature tear them apart?

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